Fourth Workshop on Robotic Autonomous Observatories
Torremolinos (Málaga), Spain
28 Sep-2 Oct 2015
Travelling to Malaga


Málaga International Airport (AGP) is one of the most busy airports in southern Spain. It is well connected with regular to major airports in Spain and Europe. There are also direct flights to New York. Please check AGP webpages

If you flight to Madrid, you may considerpla taking AVE high-speed train (2.5 hours) to Málaga - see the Spanish railway company RENFE for details.

You can also reach Málaga by car, coach, train, ship or even swimming. Please ask us or your travel agent for details.

To get to the conference venue, from either Málaga city center or Málaga Airport take a taxi (a ride to Los Álamos, Hotel Camino Real, at the sea front is 15 €) or take for 1.10 € local train either at Málaga VIALIA railway station (20 minutes) or the train at the airport (10 minutes). Direction: Fuengirola and stopping in "Los Álamos" (second stop after the Airport). Then walk towards the sea for 5 minutes and on the right you will see the Hotel Camino Real main entrance, 100 meters prior to the beach.




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